Wrecked, a Review

Jeff Goins put out a call to readers to help launch his first legacy published book. I am a huge fan of his site, and naturally applied. The acceptance email came as a bit of a thrilling shock. For the past few weeks the team has been scheming and dreaming on his secret Facebook group. That experience alone was worth the price of admission. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in a group so energized.

Now to the book.

First thing we were sent the PDF copy. Shortly thereafter, the publisher sent out print copies. It was my first advance review copy and I did my best not to squeee as I opened the package. :-)

Okay, back to the book.

Wrecked is about the need to break your own heart in order to serve the broken. It is stories of compassion and the suffering it causes those serving. He inspires the reader to exit their comfort zone, feel the burn, and help. Just get out there and help.

Wrecked is for readers looking for that last kick in the pants to volunteer themselves to the service of making the world a better place. Jeff doesn’t advocate for one cause or another, just to help (with the understanding that it will be uncomfortable).

This is the part where I’m supposed to do the pros and cons.

I love Jeff’s passion. He cares…a lot, and that caring leaps off the page. His call for compassion is more empowering than infectious, which is ultimately more useful. Some of the stories he has to share are really heartbreaking, and some are honest in their frustration. One person can’t save everyone, and everyone doesn’t want to be ‘saved’. I can identify with that painful realization that even the best of intentions are lost on someone who has no interest in help.

Just a note – this book is very Christian. I firmly believe that kindness and compassion is not the property of any one faith, it should be encouraged and nurtured in every person. And if consistent reference to Christian quotes bothers you – this may not be the book for you.

There were times when I felt like Jeff got caught up in his message so much so that he forgot to bring the reader along. He defines ‘wrecked’ in many different ways, so at one point I wasn’t sure which meaning was the one. I could argue that these are strengths – it demonstrates his passion and offers the reader options to define wrecked in their own way – I leave that up to you.

The book is well put together, the layout is clean, and I didn’t notice any typos (that doesn’t mean much coming from me. LOL)

The message is important. Society needs to unplug ad care more. If you are looking for motivation to do that, check out Wrecked. I think it is just what the doctor ordered.

PS – Jeff is offering a sweet deal if you grab the book this week.


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