What lights your fire?

We all have this tiny fire that lights our path. It warms us when we feel blue, and lights a ‘fire’ under our butt when we slack off. It doesn’t lead us to joy. It is joy. It needs to be fed and watered. And some days we need to go all Terminator Mama on a world trying to extinguish our joy.

Enthusiasm is that magic place between plans and reality sprinkled with delicious nostalgia.

Joy and enthusiasm are BFF’s. If you lose one, just look to the other. You will find them both again soon.

What stirs your loins? What keeps you up at night? What gets you bounding out of bed in the morning? What could your spend hours and hours talking about?

Don’t limit yourself to 2011. Go deep into memories and pull out all your joys. Find all your happy places. Really roll in the messy muck of mirth.

I made a very boring lovely blank Joy list for your finger-painting pleasure.

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