Weekend Shout Outs

Have you ever heard of gonadal recrudescence? Me neither. I discovered the term googling why this fool bird was attacking all my windows. Just in case your songbird comes down with a case of gonadal recrudescence - here are few tips to help.

Ever wonder how books are published? For a good laugh, check out this infographic called How a Book is Born.

A powerful poem called Pretty by Katie Makkai. (Video or transcript) (Warning – she does drop an f-bomb about half way through)

I think the boy would LOVE this, but I doubt I would share. hee hee

A blogger’s to-do list - 43 things that bloggers do.

The hubby’s beautiful co-post to my Seizure post - What’s Important – writing, family, and finding the balance.

A fellow writer, Sharkbait, has alerted me to a worthy cause that needs attention.

When a Writers Message Truly Begins to Matter

Have a glorious weekend!


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