Vacation nearing its end

Its been two weeks and it about time to get home. My flight leaves on Monday, I am sure that my mom will be glad to be rid of us. :-)

My Booga bag is done and blocking (pictures to follow). I used 4 skeins of Noro Kureyon 126. It didn’t felt as well as I would have liked, I suspect the washing machine is the culprit. I love the colors and it was so much fun to make. Its a great ‘movie’ pattern, you just keep knitting and knitting and knitting. I cast on for Ene last night, 375 sts…ugh. I am using a Knitpicks sock landscape yarn that it lovely. I can’t find the imaging software on this machine, so I will post more pictures when I get home.

We haven’t made it to the gym or been running since I have been here. I did sign up for Fit to Knit – maybe I can get some motivation there.

I noticed that IK changed their new magazine name from Knitscapes to Knitscene…I wonder why?

We drove up to Penzeys yesterday. What a kick!. If you cook, this is the store for you. I grabbed Adobo and curry (two staples in my house) and a taco seasoning, a smoky paprika that is incredible…and about a dozen others. And the lady behind the counter said that Seattle should have a store by the end of the year.

My blogger friend Bruce is walking for the local humane society. If you can, pledge a couple of dollars. He recently lowered his goal to $100, its a good cause, lets help them out.

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