Top 10 Knitting Blogs

Remember that June challenge I mentioned last week – the one to build a better blog? Well yesterday’s extra credit was to figure out SEO and today’s assignment is to link out. I am going to cheat and combine them. Maybe it will hide the fact that SEO still confuses the crap out of me. More SEO rants later. So here it is – the top 10 Knitting blogs….I think.

According to Alexa and Google (sorta)…

  1. Yarn Harlot
  2. Wendy Knit’s
  3. CosmicPluto
  4. Knitting to Stay Sane
  5. Brooklyn Tweed
  6. Queer Joe’s Knitting Blog
  7. Mason-Dixon
  8. Crazy Aunt Purl
  9. Stitchy McYarny Pants
  10. The Panopticon

SEO is so baffling to me. Why do we write for machines to reach people? Wouldn’t it be simpler to write for people? You may be amazed by how many pages I had to dig through to find 10 actual knitting blogs. I guess using keywords ‘knitting blog’ is a hot commodity. Another sign that we are taking over the internet. SWEET!

Now here are some of my favorites. No SEO used, wanted or required.

  1. Needled
  2. SpillyJane
  3. PicnicKnits
  4. Life of Color
  5. HizKnits
  6. Lolly Knitting Around
  7. Goddess Knitters
  8. Knit and Tonic
  9. Danger Knits
  10. TechKnitting

What are your favorite knitting blogs? What is it about them that you love? Please leave a link – I really want to check them out.


  1. I have been reading Crazy Aunt Purl for ages and while I like her posts, she rarely posts about knitting. So not sure how she’s rate so high up on the knitting blog list per Google.

  2. The only top 10 knit blog I read regularly is Wendy. I can’t get into Aunt Purl. I guess I should look into the others.

    As for favorite blogs–I’m not sure how to answer that. My favorites are by no means “the biggies”. My faves are the ones that belong to folks with whom I have cultivated a friendship. They comment on my blog regularly and respond to my comments. I am always amazed by how few of the bloggers on my blog roll respond to my comments. I try to respond to every comment I get.

  3. I just wanted to say that I like also her postsbecause it tells uniquely about knitting. Thank you for sharing this stuff because it tells me of my granny before because she used to this. I know it will be rank at google.

  4. One of my favorite blogs is Turtlegirl’s Bloggy Thing. She is an excellent knitter with helpful information, a designer, and has 2 really great cats (I love tabby Tuesday!).

  5. you know what? i don’t read that many knitting blogs. used to read a hell of a lot of them, and i’ll come back with that later. meanwhile, i thought you’d be interested in this rant about SEO from derek powazek:
    in essence, i agree with him. to hell with SEO, forget about the computers, klout and all the rest. be a person who communicates with people.

    • Have to admit that I don’t either. But I know that many of my readers do. =D

      I think that anyone who sells stuff online needs to be aware of SEO. I do not believe in writing just for SEO (that’s dumb) but I think ignoring its existence is naive. SEO isn’t bad – its how people try to distort it to make a quick buck that is a problem. Creating valuable content is the best way to keep your customers happy. And that is the most important part. =D

  6. Thanks for the lists! Some I already read, but many are new to me!



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