Top 10 Knitting Blogs, 2013 edition

It’s that time of the year again. Time to use the magic of the great search engines in the sky to find the top knitting blogs.

Google’s Top Knitting Blogs

Well, if you Google ‘knitting blog’ these rise to the top. (These knitters clearly know how to rock the SEO as well as the yarn.)…

  1. Knitting to Stay Sane
  2. Studio Chic Knits
  3. Wendy Knits
  4. Never Not Knitting
  5. Knit and Tonic
  6. Queer Joe’s Knitting Blog
  7. Knitted Bliss
  8. Mason Dixon Knitting
  9. Coco Knits
  10. My Sister’s Knitter

Alexa’s Top Knitting Blogs

Alexa – the grand poomba of site rankings and annoying little warning light in my bloggity plugins - claims these to be the champs.

  1. Yarn Harlot
  2. Wendy Knits
  3. Brooklyn Tweed
  4. The Blue Blog (interesting since it hasn’t been updated since 2011)
  5. Cosmicpluto Knits
  6. Yarn Demon
  7. I’m Knitting as Fast as I Can
  8. Pie Knits
  9. And She Knits Too
  10. Another Knitting Blog (not updated since 2010)

Interesting how untrustworthy the Alexa rankings can be. hmmmm…

Trends – Top Knitting Blogs

  1. Knitting to Stay Sane
  2. The Knit Princess (comic)
  3. Never Not Knitting
  4. Knitting Brooklyn (podcast)
  5. Knitting Pipeline (podcast)
  6. LollyKnitting Around (not updated since Mar. 2012)
  7. Knit and Tonic
  8. Knitting in Circles (video podcast)
  9. Queer Joe’s Knitting Blog
  10. Knitting Blooms (video podcast)

I see podcasts taking over the more traditional blogs.

What did I learn from all this? That SEO is not nearly as important as many of the social media gurus would have you believe. And that it’s more important to build ranks amongst your community than a search engine.

What are you favorite knitting blogs? Who is on the top of your list?

(only knitting – next time we’ll look at crochet blogs)


    • Hi Pam, this is Sandra from, thank you so much for mentioning us here and for visiting us. <3

    • Ditto TechKnitting – her drawings are clear and perfect, and she takes on advanced topics. I am very tired of the basics, which are already sufficiently well covered at this point.

  1. Best knitting blog? My Sister’s Knitter. The End. :)

  2. I have found the theknitgirllls on Ravelry. It’s like sitting down with some girlfriends. Interesting….and way more talented than me. I’m learning, though.

  3. The best knitting blog by far is Fab videos and patterns.

  4. This is a great list of sites! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Mason Dixon knitting, Cast On, Fancy Tiger Crafts, Purl Bee, and Needled (Kate Davies) are among my favorites.

  6. Very helpful list. I will look for machine knitting as I am more interested in this subject. Thank you

  7. Jean’s Knitting for the constant interrogation of the process. Needled for the inventiveness of the designs.

  8. Thank you for providing the lists of interesting knitting blogs. My favorite for crochet and knitting has been
    i will visit these other blogs mentioned in comments and your lists.
    Thank you again.

    • Hmmmm, when I click on the link above it says it is coming soon. Sooooooo, how can that be a favorite?

      • Uh-oh. Which link is now ‘coming soon’? I wonder if they have changed their site since I made this list a year ago. Thank you for letting us know. =D

  9. I think this can be summed up with: Blow and you can extinguish a fire. Blow and you can make a fire. (Zen koan)

  10. Pie Knits had a baby and stopped blogging.

    With the advent of Ravelry, a lot of blogs have become inactive. Too bad because I found the individual blogs much more interesting than Ravelry, with has standardized format and no outlet for sharing those tidbits of personal story that I love reading in a blog.

    I use Ravelry all the time, but in truth I’m not really of fan of it. But at some point it’s going to be all knitter have left online.

    • Hi PurrlGurrl,

      I am intrigued by your comment. What is that you are looking for in a good knitting blog? I’m just starting my own knitting blog and I would love to know more about what other knitters and potential readers want to read about.

      You mention personal tidbits, and I agree, that’s something that I love about blogs too. Ravelry is a great resource for patterns, yarn suggestions, organizing your projects and accessing a community to share your questions and find answers, but it’s not the same as personal blogs.

      Would you mind sharing your thoughts about this?

  11. I really like The Yarniad at as well as Leethal at and Knit the Hell Out at but I don’t really know how I found any of them! All very different styles and more of a source for patterns and inspiration than how-tos, but that’s why I enjoy them.

  12. Thanks for the listing of these great blogs. And also all the blogs in the comments. It’s wonderful to find all these talented people. I’m always in the search of new designs and how-tos. I blogged for about three years straight…took a break and am now just starting back, so I’m on the search!! Thanks again!

  13. In my opinion the best knitting blog has been for a long time. The owner, blogger, and designer is Anne Hanson. Lately I’ve started to think she is a little overextended, with a new yarn line and some design-of-the-month clubs – I felt like she kind of phoned in some of the designs in the club I was recently in. Also, some of the posts are now by an assistant and those posts are not as good. But Anne is still really thoughtful and has good photos of work in progress.

  14. We are collecting 50s/60s blankets and a lot of people use our pictures as templates for knitting or crochet their own blankets. Feel free to ask us for more detailed pictures from our collection:
    Have fun :)

  15. I’m gonna plug myself here…My blog is my favorite! Knitting, Designing & Dropping Stitches Through It All! is at

    I agree with PurrlGurrl, so many blogs have become inactive since Ravelry has grown. But myself, I like the personal touches you get by reading a blog. Like characters in a novel, these people become your friends if you stick with them and get to know all the facets of their life that they may write about.

    I started blogging because last October I entered the Knitting Daily contest for bloggers, so in order to enter I had to actually have a blog, go figure. So I started my blog by blogging about my very first knitting project. Turns out, I ended up being 1 of the 3 winners of this contest and won for best design. You can read about Knitting Dailys winners here…
    And you can read my very first blog post that won me a bunch of loot from Interweave here…

    I keep my blog current by writing at least every 3 to 4 days and more often in interesting times. From what I can tell from blogger, my readership is growing which has been exciting for me. Perhaps I may make your list at some point in the future!

    Thanks for compiling this list for everyone!

    Claudia Donnelly Designs



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