Top 10 Crochet Blogs, 2013 edition

Top 10 Crochet Blogs, 2013 edition

Last week I dug around for the highest ranking knitting blogs, with a few surprising results. This week got really interesting looking for the top crochet blogs.

Top Crochet Blogs 2013

Google’s Top 10 Crochet Blogs

I started with a plain ole Google search. I must admit, several of these are new to me.

  1. Crocheting the Day Away
  2. Crochet Nirvana
  3. Attic24: Crochet
  4. Futuregirl Craft Blog
  5. Crochet in Color
  6. Crochet Attic
  7. Hooked !! A Crochet Addict’s Blog
  8. iCrochet
  9. One Sheepish Girl
  10. Jenn Likes Yarn

Google Blog’s Top 10

For this one, I hopped over to Google’s blog search. It’s funny how different these two lists are.

  1. Official Site of the Crochet Liberation Front
  2. What Not to Crochet
  3. Crochet with Raymond
  4. Fiddlesticks
  5. Crochet Dreamz
  6. Crochet in Color
  7. Crocheting the Day Away
  8. The Crochet Boulevard
  9. plus 3 crochet
  10. Crochet Dynamite

Alexa’s Top 10 Crochet Blogs

Finally, I tried Alexa again. I’m still dubious as to their trustworthiness, and again a very different group of crochet blogs.

  1. Toutes a nos Crochet
  2. Crochet Geek
  3. Crochet con Amor
  4. Attic 24
  5. Monster Crochet
  6. Crochet Mama’s blog
  7. A
  8. Passion Crochet
  9. Crochet by Faye
  10. Miva Crochet

There you go. The top crochet blogs. A huge variety of choices in many different languages and styles. I noticed that crochet blogs are trending upward. It will be interesting to see which of these rise to the toppity-top.

What are your favorite crochet blogs? Are crochet blogs as hot as knitting blogs?


  1. Just popped by to say thank you for the mention x

  2. Of all the craft blogs my favourite is Attic 24.

    Lucy’s such an interesting and positive blogger with lots of great ideas which she shares along with her diary of daily life. The blog is not all about selling her stuff! My kind of blogger!

    • What a beautiful site! I adore your crochet o’ clock. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

  3. I have this big question. I come from a very hot place where the temperature goes to about 45 degree C. So I cannot make the usual patterns shown with thick yarns. Because of the hot climate these yarns are not used and thus its not even available.
    I wanted to know if these designs shown with thick yarns can be made with fine yarns. If yes, how can I adjust the patterns. I am a self learned crochet beginner. Please help me with this…

    • Oh, I’m not sure. I’m a beginner too. I’m sure it could be done, but I imagine you would have to work the yarn on a smaller hook to compensate for the finer yarn…and then you would need to recalculate the number of stitches to compensate for the finer gauge. At least that is what you have to do in knitting. I wish I could be more help.

      • hello everyone – im want to learn to crochet really bad, where do i start anyone know of any free courses???

        • free courses in brooklyn

    • Hi Sangita,

      I’m guessing you are from India? I too found that crocheting in woolen yarn is a waste of time for our tropical country. So I have switched to crocheting with cotton yarn and thread except for winter wear. Coats has a decent knitting yarn as well as threads. That is how I satisfy my crochet appetite!

      • hai sreekala,
        I from india too.. I have been on hunt for cotton yarns,sadly i havent found those anywhere yet.. could you suggest the place to purchase those?

    • Hi, I’m not sure if you ever found the answer to your question; but I teach crochet for free. You can email me if you like at

  4. Nice to find your blog :) few of these blogs I’m already following . Keep going :)

  5. One of my favorite blogs is Repeat Crafter Me, I found this blog about a year ago.

    Love the fun pattern ideas and Sarah, is so fun loving. There’s more than crochet too…crockpotting and crafting… One stop shop!

  6. One of the best blogs for crochet is the crochet crowd. The host is mikey from red heart yarn.

  7. Trying to decide which site to sign up with to start the blig for my crochet business.

  8. Lejos Attic 24, el mejor, los colores es fantástico

  9. Attic 24 has so much colourful inspiration! :)

  10. I recommend :-)

  11. Please check out my blog at

  12. Does anyone know of any blogs for advanced crocheters? I’ve been crocheting for many years and love the stitch patterns etc that are coming out of Japan and would love to find English speaking blogs for them.

  13. My favorites just aren’t showing up on Google any more. One of my favorites was Mom’s Love of Crochet. This one isn’t a blog, but a site. Without typing in the name I can’t even find it anymore.

  14. Try out Cocorose Diaries, a beautifully designed blog and she uses lovely colours. A feast for the eyes!

  15. plan to check each one out for myself .I love the fact that crochet has begun to take off again , I teach in Suffolk and my classes are full. milneworld on facebook

  16. Hi Liberty, I found your list interesting. I just started my crochet blog at…and I’ve been looking for crochet blogs to follow…THanks:)



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