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Shutter Sisters put out a call for photos from this summer’s moments. I snagged these with my Grandpa’s old marco lens. That lens is a finicky beast, most of the time I have to point and pray that the shot is in focus. I feel a bit like that these days, as if I’m aiming toward a focus and praying it sticks. I suppose that is what summer is for. :-)

In a few days, my focus will shift from blogging to NaNaWriMo. Instead, August shall be brought to you by the letters August & Break. Regularly scheduled blogging will return in September, hopefully with a finished novel (draft) to gloat about.

Have a splendidiferous summer!


  1. Love your photos!

  2. Hey Girl! Great pics! You had better let me know when the novel is finished!!! Have fun!


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