Packing for Adventures with Kids

Every wonder how we manage to travel so far with such magnificent success? Dream of adventuring up to 20 miles from home with not one, but two kids? Sound impossible? It’s very possible! You can join the growing movement of families who adventure. And I will tell you how.

It’s all about the packing.

Every household is going to be a little different, but here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Pack at least one extra day of prescriptions; unless it’s on a weekend, then you had better just take the whole damn bottle. Those pharmaceutical companies have some sort of perpetual weekend technical problem and your doctor only works Tuesday through Thursday, making emergency fills as likely as finding gold at the end of that rainbow over there.
  2. Pack enough food to feed a small army, unless you have boys, and then double that.
  3. Bring headphones for every noise-making device (headphones-less noise makers stay home), unless you have a teenage girl, then bring ear plugs all around.
  4. Bring extra shoes and change of pants for everyone. When the teenager insists that those strappy wedge heels really are hiking shoes, grab the sneakers on the sly. When the boy insists that Bear Gryllis always wears socks with sandals to traipse through thorny under-brush, grab his sneakers too. (Oh, and make space in their packs to carry them later on.)
  5. Bring car-chargers and extra batteries for all noise makers and nerd toys.
  6. Pack a mirror of what each child is bringing for the other kid. If you don’t, half way (or at least an hour from home) one kid will pitch a fit because all they want is their own of what the other kid has.
  7. Pack pillows and blankets for when the kids want to sleep and decide that the back seat is too uncomfortable to nap properly.
  8. Pack every conceivable outdoor play toy (such as basketballs, baseballs, frisbee, shovel, bucket, bubbles, umbrella, bat, butterfly net, fishing rods, tackle box, zip line, clam gun, kayak, tether-ball, bicycle, soccer ball, climbing harness, and paraglider) because if you don’t it will be the one toy needed the moment you reach your destination.
  9. Pack water bottles, filled with filtered water. Not lime water, not lemon water, not the water he touched, or she breathed on, and definitely not tap water (they can smell chlorine a mile away) Choose small bottles as this water will never be touched after it’s loaded into the car.
  10. Pack a camera and everything needed to fully to capture the ridiculousness of this entire trip

{That’s enough silliness for one post. I hope you are having a wonderful summer!}

Your turn, what is the silliest thing you have to pack when venturing out with the family?

*photo taken by Steven Montano and used with pretty much his permission.

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