Novel Blogging: A Writers Guide

Have you written an earth changing novel – and just don’t know how to connect with readers?
Do you have a blog, but just don’t know what do write about? Or what to do with it?
Do all the tips from those marketing ‘gurus’ make you feel dirty?

(And not in a good way.)

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Who am I?

I have blogged for 8 years and have run an online shop for five years. Blogging is my #1 favorite way to reach out to buyers. Blogging has connected me with more happy readers – but more importantly wonderful people – than I can count.

I am not a ‘guru’ – just a bubbly, super supportive blogger who would love to see you skyrocket to success!

Last year my husband began self publishing his novels. The learning curve was pretty intense. The market is moving so fast. The technology changes too quickly. I watched as he struggled to keep up with the trends, learn all the new tools, avoid social media distraction and burnout…all while writing a book.

So we shifted focus back to what matters. His book, writing, and readers. AND you can do that simply with a killer blog.

A good blog and good content MUST go hand in hand. That’s why I have included a blog primer AND a years worth of blog posts!

It’s like getting 2-books-in-1!

  • Simple, bite-sized tasks will get your blog in prime shape.
  • Tons of FREE tools and resources to build your platform.
  • Fun and FREE ways to connect with readers.

Part 1 Blog Primer

I am going to show you how I see the inner machinations of a successful online marketing strategy. We will reinforce your platform and put tools into place to keep it growing. I will show you what works on successful blogs and what will drive readers away faster than the plague. And I will give you plenty of easy actionable tasks that will help cement both your message and your purpose.

  • Actionable steps to maximize your blog.
  • Steps to cement a strong platform for your book.
  • A marketing primer for novelists.
  • Worksheets to help you organize your year.

Part 2 Over 100 blog post ideas!

Many can be reimagined and used again and again. Use them as a starting-off point for your brilliance to create compelling content that your readers will adore you for.

  • 101 blog post prompts.
  • Dozens of ideas to market your book and connect with readers.
  • Tips and tricks I have picked up over the years. Learn from my mistakes. ;-)
  • Ways to use coopetition to grow not only your readership, but your entire genre.
  • Ways to make your ‘FREE’ products work for you, and how to grow on them with products you can sell.

This book is for you if…

  • You are comfortable enough with a computer to blog. (No technical tutorials here…yet.)
  • You are ready to take your blog to the next level.
  • You are ready to connect with new readers.
  • You are ready to forge relationships and join forces with other writers.
  • You are ready to become an authority in your genre.
  • You are ready to become a rock star idol like god of books everywhere. (Ok, I can’t do that. Just checking to see if you were still reading. LOL)

This book is NOT for you if…

  • You are a stick-in-the-mud. I am all about the ‘fun’ and trying new things!
  • You are Stephen King or have the equivalent PR department backing.
  • You would rather walk over hot coals than touch a computer.

Are you ready for…?

  • A year to more readers.
  • A year to a stronger platform.
  • A year to be more comfortable in the modernizing book market.
  • A year to becoming a leader in your genre.
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Your novel is worth it!

The author of this Novel Blogging: A Writers Guide to Blogging by Liberty Montano cannot be held responsible for any losses achieved by following advice given within this e-book.