New Knitty is Up!

The Fall Knitty is up. So far nothing really grabbed me, but maybe I just need to eat something. Its tough to give a zine an honest review when your DS ate half of your lunch.

My library finally got a copy of Romantic Hand Knits in – I may the last knitter to get the chance to peruse this book. The photography is nice. The ‘above the waist’ and ‘below the waist’ chapter titles are cute. The sweater, dress, and skirt patterns didn’t do much for me. Their beautiful, but would look terrible on me. So not a lot of usability there. I did like the accessories chapter. She included two hats and a section on millinery techniques – it looks pretty easy, just block the top of your hat on a bowl and then try not to hurt yourself while wiring in the brim. Even if you don’t like the hat patterns, they do have inspiration value.

The Silk Stockings are amazing. I don’t know why I love them so. When does one have the occasion to where thigh high knit socks? – nothings coming to mind. Then why do I know have 3 pairs in my ravelry queue? I’m going to chalk it up to Fall and the no lunch thing.

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