My Favorite Escapes

Summer break is wearing thin. The boy is bored and has decided that an explosion is a prerequisite to starting the day. The girl is feverishly researching ways to pay for art school. And I am the taxi driver of it all. In my 5 seconds of quiet time, these bits have made me smile.

I’m looking forward to Rowdy Kitten’s new book. This week a tiny cabin just for me, parked in the yard sounds divine.

But first I would have to reject the allure of stuff.

The hubby and I realized that we actually gain more weight in the summer, due to the sudden spike in french fry consumption. We are considering the I Quit Sugar plan. Of course we could always just switch back to booze, but I don’t think that’s what Sarah had in mind.

Feeling as scattered as I do, this exercise to find focus and purpose was very enlightening.

With my little brother in the Army, I find some comfort in reading about Marianne’s trip.



    • Thanks Sandi! I will take you up on that. =D


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