Island, I Want to Remember

Yesterday we embarked on an adventure almost ten years in the making. We rode the ferry out to Friday Harbor.

I don’t know why it took us ten years, and I hope it doesn’t take another ten before we go again. I’m sitting here, typing into a screen with eyes exhausted from devouring sparkling ocean views. But I want to remember something I learned today.

island adventure


I want to remember the feeling of freedom and disconnect while lounging on that big ‘green’ canoe. I want to remember how delicious it was to be Wi-Fi and screen free. I want to remember the delight in finding a new place and the taste of huckleberry ice cream. I want to remember hand-blown glass whale tales and classic cabbies.

island adventure


I want to remember that my boy actually sat and read a book (just before picking a fight with his sister); he was screen-free and okay. I want to remember how he wanted nothing more than to hop off the ferry and play on an isolated beach on Lopez. I want to remember how the first thing he wanted to do when we got home was to go crabbing.

friday harbor

I want to remember the feeling of heaviness that set in the moment we set foot back on the mainland. I want to remember how we spent the entire car ride home dreaming of living on our own little off-the-grid writers log cabin. I want to remember brainstorming names for our hide-away – and how the hubster kept trying to work in evil genius mastermind acronyms. I want to remember the stark contrast of hitting I-405 traffic.

island adventure


I want to remember the waves, cormorants, and sea gull chicks. I want to remember kelp islands, kayaks, and diesel scented salted air.

I want to remember.


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  1. It was a wonderful day, Baby. I also hope it doesn’t take us 10 years to get to the next adventure. (Though, based on how tired we all are, I’ll be okay with waiting until next weekend… ;D)

    And the Isle of R.A.W.R.* would be totally killer. (Really Awesome Writer’s Redoubt).


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