I Was Interviewed!

No. Not by CNN or Dan Rather. I was interviewed by someone much better (and sexier too).

The author of Blood Skies series, editor of Novel Blogging and sharer of the covers. My hubby, Steven.

I know what you’re thinking. You are thinking that I’m using this interview as a freebie to get out of a day of blogging for the May blogathon. You think that I’m just phoning it in today and off sipping Mai Tais on a sandy beach instead of adhering to by bloggerly duties. Using my obvious nerd prowess to shamelessly plug, not only my book, but also my hubby’s writing. All while in my pajamas and with my feet up. Well I am here to tell you that….you are one smart cookie.

{hee hee}

Check out the interview and leave yarnie comments. It will weird out the horror readers. LOL

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