Hot Action You Can Use

Two of my to-do’s for 2012 are to learn more about macro photography and post processing. After a lovely walk on the beach (and a handful of shell photos) I downloaded the trial Photoshop Elements 10 to play. I am an avid supporter of Picasa and Gimp (both free), but the siren song of PSE actions finally won out. The only post-processing my photos get are the minor color balancing that Picasa offers as Gimp actions are hard to find. That’s where PSE really shines.

  • The CoffeeShop Blog actions and presets. She has an incredible collection of free actions and presets perfect for portrait photos.
  • Pioneer Woman is notorious for her action collections – although I’m not sure that these will be compatible with the newer version of PSE.
  • Wish Workshop and Paint the Moon sell large bundles of actions and sometimes offer freebies if you follow their Facebook pages.
  • MCP Actions have a handful of freebies to try and tons of collections to buy.
  • Deviant Art is a popular repository for all things artsy – and a ton of handy PS actions too.
  • Texas Chicks offer a free collection with newsletter sign-up.
  • Everyday Actions offers a list of freebies – and more if you subscribe.
  • Morgan King Blog – a couple freebies and templates.
  • Virtual Photographer – can’t wait to try this one out!

After spending a couple of hours Googling and collection actions (Deazarkian said I need to stop downloading ‘hot action’. LOL) I have a couple of tips for creativepreneurs selling online.

  1. Offer a freebie. Even just one or two.
  2. Make it easy to download. Please don’t ask me to run through 3 different mirrors to get that freebie. One click, please.
  3. Tease me with more freebies if I subscribe to your newsletter.

Did I miss any? Do you have any secret sources for hot action you want to share?

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