Go ahead…Make My Day

I was touched today when Paula nominated me for the “Make My Day” Award. Thank you so much! This is a first, but now that I have a taste for winning..it won’t be the last. bwa ha ha ha =)

I would like to nominate my dear friend A Girls Gotta Knit. I love her fun and quirky love for life (and knitting); and I respect her fervent crusade to stop puppy mills. On top of that, she makes some pretty swell yarn.

Another favorite is Life’s a Stitch. I love her writing style and puppy pictures. I hope to be able to convey, in words, my personal thoughts and dreams as well as she does someday.

And last, but never least, my DH Daezarkian. He’s not a knitter. Not even a crafter but no matter how much yarn I collect, shops I visit, or knitting groups I join he never complains and always has nice things to say about me on his blog. The perfect hubster, really.

Thank you again for making my day.

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