Free Filofax Templates for Indie Authors

Free Filofax Templates for Indie Authors

Filofax Templates for Indie AuthorsLast week I shared some of my favorite links to a few of the amazing filo  resources buried in the intrawebs. This week I made a few Filofax templates of my own. (Be gentle, I’m new at this.)

As the wife of an indie author (and having written a book myself) as well as being a blogger, shop keeper and mildly insane person – we’ve learned the value of tracking all those ridiculous stats. You can’t trip over a blogging blog without being pummeled to death with posts reiterating the NEED to track your stats. So, if you sell books online, track social media stats, or revenue streams – these may be useful. They are all PDF’s sized for A4. I have a zany method of printing them for my Sketch A5.*

Thank you to Philofaxy who’s template I stole borrowed to begin the creation of mine. (I now must run to his site and make sure that is ok.) Assuming it is…enjoy!

*I’ve discovered that I can cut A4 paper down to 21cm by 14.9cm, tell Adobe Reader to print to A5, and feed in my custom cut paper –  it works great. Philofaxy has a great tutorial for more printing help.


  1. This is something that I’ve been contemplating making myself. I love your templates and have downloaded them. I wonder, do you have something that would help track short stories that are being shopped around for publishing?

    I’ve been thinking of setting up a filofax to track my book marketing. This would be a separate one from the filofax that I use as a writing journal.

    • Thank you! I’m thrilled the templates are working for you. I am working on a book launch list and LOVE your idea for story tracking. What type of things are needed to track? Let me know and I’ll get on it. =D



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