Free Filofax Chronodex Diary

Earlier this year I stumbled across Chronodex and was instantly intrigued. As a Filofax-girl I really wanted a more vertical option for this groovy planning concept. So I snagged Patrick Ng’s Chronodex and melded it into Philofaxy’s Week-on-Two-Pages template.

For your planning pleasure*:

July-Dec 2013

Jan-Dec 2014

2 page preview of filofax chronodex inserts

If you prefer the horizontal style, Patrick has a collection of DIY planner printables designed to be print and hand sewn into a booklet. Do check out his Facebook page and the Philofaxy FB group for inspiration.

*A5 layout which can be printed on US letter paper landscape 2 pages per side…don’t ask me how to line it all up for double-sided printing. I only recently got my printer to communicate with my computer. LOL If you require the Filofax Personal size…leave a comment and I’ll make a set.


  1. Fantastic! I have been planning to try the Chrondex and will try it with your download in my Filofax.

    Great blog!

  2. This is very exciting! I would love it if you made a Personal version. Thanks for sharing your work so generously.

  3. Hi I love the look and style and was wondering if you could make a personal one please.xx

  4. i was intrigued by these the first time i saw them as well. i would love to try them, but i use a personal sized malden. could you post a personal sized set? i think these could be filo fab!

  5. I’d love to try this in personal size… And thanks for your help. I’m pretty bad at these things :)

    • Thank you! I will get to work on a personal version very soon. =D

  6. I would like this done for the personal size filofax

  7. HI –
    Love this:) Is there anyway to get it with just a box for the weekend? Something along the ones of what Patrick has done for 2014. Give a bit more room for notes around the week days activities etc.. thanks for your patients in doing this…:)

  8. Amy thoughts about making a smaller version? About a midori passport size?

  9. very like it !!!!! thanks a lot <3



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