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Earlier this year I stumbled across Chronodex and was instantly intrigued. As a Filofax-girl I really wanted a more vertical option for this groovy planning concept. So I snagged Patrick Ng’s Chronodex and melded it into Philofaxy’s Week-on-Two-Pages template.

For your planning pleasure*:

July-Dec 2013

Jan-Dec 2014

2 page preview of filofax chronodex inserts

If you prefer the horizontal style, Patrick has a collection of DIY planner printables designed to be print and hand sewn into a booklet. Do check out his Facebook page and the Philofaxy FB group for inspiration.

*A5 layout which can be printed on US letter paper landscape 2 pages per side…don’t ask me how to line it all up for double-sided printing. I only recently got my printer to communicate with my computer. LOL If you require the Filofax Personal size…leave a comment and I’ll make a set.