Federation Forest Adventure

This week’s forest adventure ‘journey journal’ is set in one of our favorite hikes, the Federation Forest. It is set out in the boonies, just before you get to Mt. Rainier park. The boy was a bit more feisty on this walk and much more inclined to consume critters on the trail.

(No critters were harmed in the making of this post.)

Picture it if you will.

A chalky smudge cuts through a vast blackboard of conifers. Giants toss in the river’s wake.

“Bear Gryllis always eats all the ants.”

Schools of staccato songbirds punctuate the pitch of the pines with pungent exclamations at the slightest needling.

“Did you see that snake?! I want to hold all the snakes for my birthday. Can Jeff Corwin bring snakes to my party?”

Bear bread proofs from every trunk like artistic edits to the passage. Malacophonous tiger lilies interrupt recalcitrant sword ferns.

“If the snake is black with a purple tongue, then its a purple tongue black snake. Bear says you can eat those. Unless you die. Then you can’t.”

 Fuchsia foxglove looms over sun-withered grasses. Many of her bells have fallen.

“There were only 12 Crusades and the last one was ninja samurai fighters.”

Your turn, where are your favorite hide-away adventures?

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