Facebook Fan Page 101

Over the course of the Blogathon, many writers had questions about creating Facebook Fan Pages. It is not as painful as you think, just involves a lot of steps. Take it one at a time and you will have your fan page up before you know it. Here we go!


Go to this page to get started. I chose the ‘Brand or Product’ button, which encompasses websites. The artists’ box offers ‘Writer’ as a category.

The box will slide down to reveal another. Choose a category and your desired fan page name to get everything started.

You will be sent to another page. Upload a profile picture, complete the ‘About’ information, add you site URL, and Facebook URL.

*The Facebook Username / web address CANNOT be changed. Choose wisely.*
(maybe it can…let’s pretend you can’t in case Facebook changes the rules again.)

Timeline Covers:

Creating (or buying) fancy timeline pictures can really make your fan page sizzle. These are the dimensions (as of right now), they change more often than I would like. :-) Also note that Facebook can resize an image to fit the space. You may be happier with the results of creating an image to their specs, but it isn’t strictly required.

Cover image is 850px x 315px
The Tab image size is 111px x 74px
Profile image will be 125px x 125px.

I created my timeline cover image in Gimp. Gimp is a free image editing tool that rivals Photoshop…mostly. It does everything I need, so I don’t bother with investing the big bad Photoshop.

You can also purchase graphics at spots like GraphicRiver. I made the BloodSkies fan page cover using one of their templates. Be aware that many of these files require Photoshop in order to personalize them for your page. I had moderate luck using Gimp, but I wouldn’t suggest it for beginners (or sane people).

Free timeline covers are out there, just Google and dig through the images. (Be careful, some of these sites have ‘adult’ pop-ups.) DeviantArt is another excellent resource.

To install, go to your Facebook fan page and hover over the bottom right area of where your timeline cover image is to go. A pencil button should appear. Click on it and follow the instructions to upload your fancy image.


To edit the tabs (those little boxes just below your timeline image) click on the down arrow to extend the tabs box. Then hover over it with your mouse, and click on the little pencil that will appear in the upper right corner. A menu will pop up, choose ‘Edit Settings’. A box will popup in which you can change the image (upload your new 111px x 74px image) and tab name. Click okay. All done!

The ‘photo’ tab seems to be locked. I have tried to move or change it…no dice. Sorry. To move the other tabs, hover and click on that pencil again. The top of that box says, ‘Swap Position with:’ click on the app you wish to swap it with and the tab box will move. If you don’t have any apps installed, there won’t be anything to swap it with.

UPDATE: Donna just brought something important to my attention. I do not think any of the standard Facebook tabs (photos, likes, events, notes, etc.) can be customized. If you click on that little pencil, and the ‘edit settings’ option isn’t displayed in the grey pop-up box, you will not be able to customize that tab. You could look for an app that mimics that tab and then customize that. (I think. LOL)

{There is a way to do it if you are comfortable working in the developer area of Facebook. Seeing that this is 101 post, I chose not to go there. :-)}


I have the Networked Blogs, Mailchimp, Youtube for Pages, Fine Art America, and Iframe tab apps installed. All of these are a pain in the butt to configure, I won’t lie. If you read the instructions carefully, cross your fingers, and use the force they will install…eventually.

Tons of apps exist for all sorts of things. There once was an app directory, for some reason Facebook took it down. Search for whatever you need in the Facebook search box and look for the subheading ‘app’. Some are even easy to install. =D


Assign a second person to be an admin. This allows you another access point for your fan page in case something happens to your personal account. (I’ve heard horror stories of mistakenly banned personal accounts and huge loss business.)

Your fan page vanity URL will have a number string behind it until you have 25 likes.

Only you can see that Admin box that pops down the front of your page. Use the ‘Hide’ and ‘Admin Panel’ to toggle your views.

After you have created a fan page, go way up to the top blue bar and click on the little down arrow. There should be (at least) two options for you. You can now use Facebook as you or you can use it as your business. It really helps to keep work and play separate.

Facebook imposes a 5000 friends limit on your personal page. If you are nearing that number, consider asking them to switch, or converting it to a fan page.

I hope this helps get you started. I would love to ‘like’ your new page when it’s ready!

Your turn, what social media tool do you need help to get started?


  1. Thank you for the wonderful tips and tricks! I am enjoying your reads immensely! WRITE ON!

    • Thank you! These are fun to write. Is there another web type topic you think I should attempt? =D

      • Customizing your Blogger blog or your WP blog? Branding through all channels for consistency? :)

        • Wow – great ideas! Those are huge topics. I will give it my all. =D
          (PS You may NOT want to read my Thursday post. LOL)

  2. Thank you — especially for the links to graphics and timeline covers. Your page looks cool!

    • Thank you! The new timelines are fun and afford you even more space to advertise your biz/writing. I’m a fan! =D

  3. Thanks so much. I’ve been wondering how to customize Facebook page tabs. You’re the second person I’ve heard recommend Gimp, and it’s on my list to check out.

    • Thank you! Gimp is fairly easy to use if you have Photoshop experience. If not, the learning curve may be a bit steep. I was just thrilled to find a free program with that much power and usability. I can’t to see how you like it. =D

      • Oh, well! I’m Photoshop-illiterate, so the learning curve may cause hair loss. But I know a few people I can ask for help. Guess this will be my summertime project. Thanks again!

  4. This is such a great post. I want to do something similar to my page with Tabs, but even though I followed your wonderful instructions, it’s not cooperating. LOL I wonder if it’s because I’m using the “Artist’s” category. I’m guessing the answer is to change categories, but before I do, I thought I’d see what your answer is. :)

    • I think I see what the problem is, and I am going to add this to the post above. I do not believe you can personalize the standard Facebook Tabs. I will research and update the post. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. =D

  5. Wow! This was really informative! I have a Facebook page myself and actually learned something new. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thank you! Lots of tips I knew nothing about! Shall implement them! This is my facebook page now http://www.facebook.com/kritikarao.page. I think the number of likes to the page has changed from 25 to 30 until you can see the insights, btw.



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