Editorial Calendar 101

Today on SitsGirls our assignment is to create an editorial calendar for our site. I took it a step further and created an Editorial Calendar for you to download and use.

(There may even be a mind map too. Make little dandelions with all the amazing ideas your stormy brain comes up with.)

Why create an editorial calendar? Whats the big deal?

First off, it is a huge sanity saver. Planning out what to post saves you from those dreaded ‘dead air’ weeks where after days and days of silence you are left with nothing to do but post one of those, ‘sorry I haven’t posted in a while’ posts.

If you are trying to keep your content focused, a calender can help keep you on track. Assigning a theme or focus within your niche  to the days of the week keeps your content dependable for your readers. (And it keeps people like me from losing their tiny little minds.)

Another fun bit – you can schedule out series and brainstorm ways to build on popular posts. Let those seeds of genius waft out onto the internet and take over  like weeds.

How do you feel about bloggers assigning content subjects to days? Is it reliable or boring? Do you use an editorial calendar for your site?

Here is an Editorial Calendar for you to try out. If you like it – tweet about it. =D


  1. Super awesome! I LOVE working on paper! The mind map template is also so helpful! Thank you so much!

    • So glad you like it! These are super fun for me too. =D



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