Business Planning is HAWT!

The feverish work continues on the Inlightning.Us. It has ventured through multiple incarnations and multiple scrappings – but it is finally taking shape.

But I need your help.

I set up a Pinterest board for Biz Planning ideas and tools. And I would LOVE it if you pinned your genius! Just follow the board (or all of them – I’m a good little Pinner) and leave me a comment on the FB page and I will add you as a contributor.

I would adore you forever if you shared…

  • Tools you want to know more about before implementing into your biz.
  • Tools you use in your biz and LOVE.
  • Books/Apps/Sites/’Guru’s you know, love or are curios about.
  • Words of advice and quotes that have helped you (need lots of those).
  • Upcoming events geared toward creative biz.

I plan on loading up the site with your links and events to test out its integrity and functionality.

If you have not yet played on Pinterest, I highly recommend the site. It’s very much like stalking people on Facebook EXCEPT after 30 minutes you will have learned how to make mason jar candles, planned dinner for a week, become inspired to use free weights, and have 3 new fantasy vacation spots. If you need an invite, drop me a note here or on the FB page.

(P.S. Contributors get early access to the new site.)

(P.P.S. I am building an interview/feature a Fiber Artist tool into the site and will be sending out invites to all the lovely artists who are interested just as soon as I can.)

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  1. I know people are gagga over pinterst & I’ve set up some boards & played around a little… but I haven’t really caught the fever like so many others have. But since so many people ARE there, I imagine it would be a great marketing tool. :)


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