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Please tell us how you became the amazing fiberista you are today. How did you fall in love with fiber arts?

I fell in love with fiber art at the cabinet door under the kitchen sink, when I was a pre-schooler. The door had an eyelet mesh screen. My mother would take pieces of different colors of yarn (from knitting she was currently doing) and melted a wax tip from a tapered candle onto the end of the yarn. This made it easier to thread through the holes. My very first lacing card. Playing with the colors and feeling the textures…I was in love.

What is your most astounding fiber victory to date? What technique(s) offers the most challenge?

Just recently I spun some wool and knitted a handbag that required felting. Needless to say the felted handbag is a beautiful basket with a pheasant feather (I found by the mailbox) used as a stickpin. Felting in general, I find a challenge. It isn’t that it is hard, it has a lot of little nuances to master to get good results. My basket is a happy accident.

Who inspires you? Does that inspiration present in your fiber work?

Denise, a friend at the weaving studio. She is prolific in her fiber arts. Denise also stretches my learning. She introduces me to new things.

Why do you do what you do? What drives you?

I love the sense of touch and color. Growing up kids were taught not to touch. The exception was, the yarn shop and a garden center. As long as you were respectful, no one bothered you.
What drives me…learning. I love learning new things. The library before computers was a regular stop.

Where do you see the fiber community headed? What trends do you see coming (or going)? {Gaze into that crystal ball.}

I see the fiber community still on its upward trend.
I see fingerless gloves here for awhile. As spring and summer approach, the fingerless gloves will morph into a cuff. Tajarutit, wrist warmers with beads, part of the Greenlandic woman’s national costume as well as frilly lacey cuffs, will become the next fingerless glove.

What would you like to see more of in the fiber community?

I would like to see the fiber community heading in the direction of bringing in the younger generation. Maybe a fiber magazine that is geared to tweens and teens, exposing them to the fiber community.

If you only had 200 yards of sock yarn to create something amazing – what would it be?

Yoga socks…with a wonderful twisted stitch pattern. I enjoy yoga, but in the winter, my feet can get cold. When you do a yoga dive and end up looking at your feet, handmade socks put you in a wonderful state.

1.  Favorite color: burnt orange
2.  Favorite color combinations: eclectic
3.  Favorite shape: parallelogram
4.  Favorite food: coffee and a brownie
5.  Most fiberista friendly spot ever visited: Rheinback Fair
6.  Favorite fiber to work with: silk
7.  Most important quality when buying fiber: feel
8.  Favorite film/show to craft to: I listen to NPR and music
9.  Craziest place you have crafte: Middle of the Pacific Ocean, on a Matson cargo ship.
10.Dream fiber destination: British Isles
Paula Moliver specialty is all things relating to fiber. She spins and dyes her own yarn and is skilled in weaving and needle arts. She has been widely published in noted magazines including Arts & Crafts, Better Homes & Gardens and the Decorative Painter. Paula is a regular educator at New Pond Farm, and a freelance writer as the Hartford Knitting Examiner , her web

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