Advice for Grads

My girl is graduating next week. We have very mixed feelings about it. I can’t believe she is taking this step already (she was just in Kindergarten last year…I swear). And we are so proud of the woman she is becoming, we can’t wait to watch her soar.

I don’t remember my own graduation very well. The strongest memory is of my Mom’s parents teasing about the parties I would be crashing that night. (Mom was not amused.) That feels like a world of time ago. I barely recognize that naive kid.

And then I look at my girl. She is that naive kid, whether she likes it or not, all of the kids on that stage are.

It is my duty as a parent to offer up advice that she will promptly ignore. But, one of the perks to blogging is that I will have a record of this advice for the future. She can’t say I didn’t warn her. LOL

Writing Prompt: What wisdom would you give your grad? What advice was given to you?

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  1. Enjoy this period of your life. I remember it being full of new things to learn, to discover, about yourself and the things you’ve chosen. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain, to choose something you really like to do, even if it doesn’t look like you’re getting a job afterwards (I studied Danish, I should know…). Be prepared to change if it suits you better or to tweak the things you do. Make nwe friends, read new books, wtch new movies. Dive into it and have fun. Your parents will tell it’ll last just a moment, and they’re right. Good luck and have faith in youself. You CAN do it!

    • Lovely! And wise! And brilliant! Thank you!


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