About Me

About Liberty…

  1. I am rarely without at least two cameras.
  2. I grew up on a remote island in Alaska.
  3. I eaves drop at coffee shops.
  4. (And I jot down the good stuff for story inspiration.)(You have been warned. LOL)
  5. My family is my most important source of inspiration…and good writing material.
  6. I sometimes forget what I’m doing while in the shower.
  7. Brownies are my kryptonite.
  8. I would ingest Yunnan gold tea intravenously if that were possible.
  9. I have never lived alone.
  10. Lilies smell like burning rubber (probably due to my allergy).
  11. Cilantro tastes like soap. Don’t try to convince me otherwise (Mom).
  12. I have a cookbook hoarding collecting issue, but my therapist is hopeful for a cure.
  13. I have seen almost all of the US, but have never left. (And Canada just doesn’t count…especially for an Alaskan.)
  14. I am right-handed, but can write backwards and upside down with my left hand.
  15. I get my news from John Stewart and Colbert.
  16. I am a timid introvert who is happiest at home in my PJ’s.
  17. I read the dictionary for fun.
  18. I am happiest in a rain forest (or on the beach). (But the PNW kind, not those frilly tropical kinds.)
  19. I am a proud fan of Monty Python.
  20. Hair metal is my soundtrack. (It’s coming back…it has to come back.)

That’s it. I can’t imagine what else you might need to know. Drop me a line if I missed something.

yarn (at) libertysyarn.com

Oh…you wanted a normal About Me page…okay. If you insist.

My name is Liberty and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (that’s Washington for all you international types). I hope to inspire everyone, and especially parents of special needs kids, to adventure everyday.

I write about the wonderful trouble my family gets into, biz tips for those who want to make extra money at home, and my personal journey parenting a pair of disabled kids. You will see tons of photos, silly stories, and empowering ideas. I am a ravenous learner who adores to devour new concepts and I like to bring you along for the ride. If you are new to all of this, that’s okay. I’ll jump in first.

Here’s the deal. I think blogging {and eating brownies} may just be the short-cut to the world peace those beauty queens drone on about. Telling your story, your adventure (true or otherwise) is what it’s really all about. So what can I do for you?

I dig up all sorts of blogging supportive articles to share on Twitter. I blog about ways to make you telling your story easier; and tell my story so you won’t feel shy about sharing yours. I chat on Facebook with anyone who dares. I even wrote a book with a years worth of blogging ideas geared toward story-maker-uppers. There’s a freebies page and the book. Blogging is my adventure!

I’m not lost. We’re just taking the scenic route.