8 Ways to Maximize your Minimalization

2012 is the year to move my computing to the cloud. Clunky, busy computing is over rated and super dated. And besides, my little laptop just can’t take it anymore.

Here are a handful of minimalist productivity tools that rock!

dropbox Dropbox is a lifesaver. 2GB of free space to back up, share files, or collect gobs of crap from the internet (via readitlater). BUT what got me hooked is its integration with WriteKit – a minimalist, distraction free writing tool that will auto save whatever you write into your DropBox. Snazzy!

(I wonder what it would take for my Omm Writer to do that?)



Pegby This one has creative wonder-maker written all over it! Adorable index card organization. Go check it out! You can jot down ideas, stack them up, and assign them to other users. They have just setup a pay-what-you-can subscription – but it is optional. The interface reminds me of Hootsuite, but with way more customization options. If you have several projects on your plate – this is a good one to check out. This may even be a good tool to write your next book Danielle LaPorte style.


Idonethis Some days you need to make a list of what you got done to highlight the small victories. I Done This is perfect for that. Part journal and part motivation – this is a great way to document your progress. All you do is reply to the email that lands in your inbox every evening. (OhLife is another fun toy for journaling your day and it works much the same way.)


Todo.ly So far, this is the cleanest to-do list tool I’ve found. Its sleek and simple to use. I wish it played better with other apps and tools – but for now it will do. I like that I can create as many folders and sub folders as I like. And the interface is very user-friendly. Now if it would just talk to my Google Calendar.


Minimalist for Everything Google – I am so in love with this today! Install it, enable it for your Gmail or Google reader and then pop into the dashboard and start turning stuff off. You can turn off the ad bar, the chat box, that bit on the bottom that reports how much of your Google disk space has been used. My Gmail looks so much better. Clean and quiet.

ifttt.com is wild. It takes a base computer function (if:then) and makes magic with all of your delightful online media redundant tasks. I am still playing with the tasks, recipes, and channels now – but so far I can add my Google + public status updates to Twitter, save favorited RSS articles to a Kindle, and about a gazillion other things.


Box Rockit A lean little robot service that sends out scheduled tweets advertising your digital products. Free for up to 3 products per month. This little lovely will broadcast your tweets and dish up sweet little sales reports. If you are in the habit of tweeting about your digital goods – this could be a huge time saver.


More days (in beta) Ok. I haven’t actually tried this one yet. (sorry) But it looks SWEET! This looks like a scrapbooker and a productivity software genius got together and made beautiful sweet online appy love. Can not wait for my invite.

(Do they still say “sweet”? Or is that an old person thing now?)

What tools do you use to maximize your minimalization? How do you simplify?

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