12 Ta-Dones going in to 2012!

I am working on something I have never tried before – a holiday newsletter. It started with a Big Picture class and has grown a bit out of control. With any luck it will done by next Christmas. After a couple of hours pouring over photo archives and tweets, I see that we have been quite busy this past year. Here are some of my Ta’ Dones!

  1. Shop Hop – Liberty’s Yarn was featured by not one, but 2 local yarn shops for their yarn of the hop!
  2. Crazy Sexy!– I spent the first half of the year playing with green smoothies and vegan yummies and spending time with Kris Carr.
  3. Faroese Shawl Designer – Trying to recapture the wonderful work of Carrol Conners, I whipped up a little Faroese Shawl designer just for you!
  4. 31 Days to Build a Better Blog – I played along with the SITS girls all June to build a better blog. Played along with Lynda Giddens to amp up the site.
  5. Interviews – This year I got to interview a few of the most amazing fiber innovators in the biz.
  6. Tried my hand at throwing pottery on the wheel, kayaking, and worm bins, built a new Magento shop & dismantled it.
  7. Picnic Knits created the ever lovely Delius shawl with Liberty’s Yarn Bluetopia!
  8. Embarkations– We trekked into the woods, and my knitting survived to tell the tale. (well, sort of. LOL)
  9. August Break – I played along with Susannah Conway to create a luscious photo only August.
  10. Poison Rose Mitten– I finally write a {free} charted mitten design, with a fancy gusseted thumb!
  11. Novel Blogging – Played along with Tim and Elli at Foolish Adventures and wrote a new book for (my hubby) and authors everywhere who blog. (Even got brave and made a video!)


12. Super Sekret – The yarn shop is closed, but that doesn’t mean I’m gone for good. Big plans in the works and tons more fun to come!


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