10 Ways to Not Suck on Twitter

I spend quite a lot of time on Twitter. At least it may look that way. If you run a business – whether books or craft – you really need to build a Twitter presence.

Wait. Let me revise that. You either need to maintain a viable Twitter presence or none at all. The current managing tools highlight the weak profiles. Go big or go home.

  1. The 80/20 Rule
    • 80% of your tweets are RT’s, @ mentions, updates about your niche market, or conversational.
    • 20% (or less) promote your product. I run across Tweeps who tweet every item listed all day long. Dozens of ‘buy my stuff’ tweets every day. Think of your tweets as a contribution to your niche, not a never-ending radio ad.
  2. Tweet regularly
    • Be consistent. Decide how many times per day you plan to tweet. Add tweeting to your routine.
    • Use a service like Timely.is or Buffer to schedule out your tweets.
    • I like to share helpful articles from niche related blogs. These apps combined with my Feedly reader lets me schedule a week out at a time.
  3. Feed your blog posts to Twitter. Hootsuite‘s RSS feeder, under settings, will take care of this for you. TwitterFeed is another popular tool. Just don’t double up and post your blog 6 times to your Twitter stream. =D
  4. Friday Follow is observed by oodles of lovely Tweeps. Friday Follow Helper makes playing along super easy.
  5. Use a dashboard like Hootsuite , Tweetdeck, Seesmic or Twimbow to keep track of your Twitter, Lists, and Facebook pages.
  6. I have tried tools likes TweetAdder and wasn’t sold. I think its more important to grow a quality following rather than a huge quantity following. I throw it out there because some people swear by them.
  7. A new tool generating buzz is Twylah. Still in beta – Twylah turns your twitter stream into a little magazine. So adorable!
  8. Put up a profile picture. Preferably of you (or your logo).
  9. Customize your background. Try FreeTwitterDesigner, upload a photo of your product; or use software like Photoshop or Gimp to create your own. My most recent background was 2500×1000 pixels and I worked in an info box in the left 215px area. Those numbers are not standard – just what worked for me.
  10. Write a catchy bio that includes the keywords of what you do. If you hand-dye yarn – include hand-dye yarn or yarn dyer. If you write zombie fantasy – include zombie fantasy. You can get clever with the word structure but don’t get too clever with your words. People looking for yarn dyers are not going to find you if your bio reads, ‘hand pigmented woolen yummyhood’. Please include a link to your shop.

The wonderful thing about Twitter is you can always reboot. Whether you are starting a yarn business or have been selling for years, it’s never too late to revamp your profile and become a rockin’ Tweep.

What tips or tricks have worked for you? Any Twitter secrets you are ready to share?

Leave a comment or follow me – let’s chat!


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