10 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

Inspired by Soulati’s post. (In no particular order.)

  1. Bicycle tour around Europe- but not all of Europe – just the flat parts.
  2. Write the bookor outline it really well and make the hubster write it.
  3. Earn enough to support my family- I don’t ask for much, just enough for all of us…forever.
  4. Take a photo safari- someplace where even a camera-less person could take an amazing photo.
  5. Sea kayak in the Alexander Archipelago- again, just the flat parts…and only going to nice restaurants.
  6. Live in a cottage on the water- just me and the hubster (some days just me, hee hee)
  7. Take one ‘National Geographic’ worthy photo-  preferably while on that photo safari.
  8. Have a BBQ with Dwayne Johnson, Liam Neeson, Denis Leary, George Takai, Will Smith, Stephen Colbert, and Judi Dench- what?! It could happen.
  9. Visit the villages of my ancestors- the hubster pointed out that it is difficult to bike to Ireland.
  10. Attend an exclusive creative type conference- maybe I’ll run into one of my BBQ guests.

{The video above it more more words of wisdom from the boy. Today’s topic is dandelion hiking survival tips. Check it out.}

Your turn, what is on your list?


  1. Just read your post and I will be back to explore your website. I’m getting ready to put a novel on Kindle Direct Publishing. Will read about your husband’s publishing successes later. Gotta Dash.

    • Oh – KDP is kinda a pain at times. Best of luck to you!

  2. Re: your list.

    #1 — sounds lovely. We can say “Chow” a lot.
    #2 — I’m there.
    #3 — We’ll get there, Baby.
    #4 — That would be SWEET!
    #5 — Count me in!
    #6 — That sounds lovely….wait…do I get like a fancy doghouse, or something?
    #7 — Again, awesome.
    #8 — We should also invite Olympia Dukakis, Gary Oldman, Tim Roth and Samuel L. Jackson
    #9 — Maybe if we get biking really really really fast we can jump from France….
    #10 — That would be fun. Never been to a conference.

    Awesome list, Baby!

    • I can’t believe I forgot Olympia Dukakis! Maggie Smith would be awesome, but I just can’t see her digging into a side or ribs. :-)

    • Thank you! It’s a game we play when watching films – picking out which actor would be a good neighbor to invite to a BBQ. LOL

  3. LOL on the video. I’m never going near water without a stick again–just in case. Oh, and our big water park here is called White Water; guess the owners didn’t know what it meant. ;-)

    And that’s quite the assortment of BBQ guests you’ve got there. I want to see pictures once you pull it off.

    As for my list, a variety of things, but lots of travel. Australia has been on the list the longest, so it’s time to put some serious thought and planning into how to make it happen.

    • Thank you, he is something else when he gets going. Most of my best dialogue was taken from his 10-year-old silliness. :-)

      If I pull off that BBQ, CNN is going to be there. LOL Can you just see Judi Dench up to her elbows in BBQ sauce? It would be wonderful! Travel is always on my list too; and you are right, I need to make it more of a priority. See you in Australia? LOL

  4. Such a wonderful list. BBQ with Stephen Colbert and Judi Dench? How fabulous would that be…I want to come please please please! So glad you joined our little Facebook group. I can’t wait to read more.

    • Thank you! Your book is such a treasure – I am going to blog about it soon if that’s okay. I love how heartfelt the ideas are, while still being open. And yes, of course, you can come to the BBQ. LOL


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