10 Secrets of the Laidback Knitters

Perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon, 10 Secrets of the Laidback Knitters by Vicki Stiefel and Lisa Souza was just what this laidback knitter needed. A spirited collection of knitting, patterns, tips…a charming glimpse into the lifestyle of fiber freaks for newbies and experienced knitters alike.

Vicki Stiefel is a knitter and award-winning mystery writer. Her cohort Lisa Souza is a pillar of the fiber world and creator of beautiful hand dyed yarns for her line Lisa Knits. Together they have created Laidback Knitters.

(You can preview the patterns here – both the Peasant-Bread Tunic and Solvang Weekend Vest are calling my name. Errata can be found here.)

More than fiber crammed into this colorful collection. Like a backstage pass to where knitters hang out and what we worry about when we aren’t fretting over where to hide our stash. Love the links to huge knitting sites – good for new knitters and knitters new to the web. A whole section of fiber photography tips was a wonderfully unexpected touch. Another on fiber composition and color mixing makes this a very well-rounded tome IMHO. Almost every page has a tip or trivia in cute little boxes (and some are even sneakier). This is a book that you need to read several times – every time you will find something new.

I will admit that at times the mass on data was a tad overwhelming and felt a wee bit busy. The inclusion of interviews made is feel bloggy (in a good way) but made it tough at times to find the patterns. Being a curator of way too many passions – too much info is never a bad thing. And I can see how it may over stimulate some.

The photography was warm and welcoming. A great mix of candid shots with more stylized stills lent to the feel of that yarn blog you can’t live without. Yarn shots and OMG adorable lamb pics get my creative juices flowing – like looking at a box of crayons along side a blank page. Lovely pattern pictures from every angle really help show off the designers prowess (and make it super tough to pick which one to cast on first).

Community building and knitting together with fiber is the driving theme. It is handled with  a fun style and great heart. The collection of designers reflects this by offering patterns by some heavy hitters and some (of my favorites) up and coming designers. A lovely blend of experienced and cutting edge, but in a cozy chipper tone.

I would rank this up there with Brave New Knits and Knitters Book of Wool for being one of the most gorgeous collaborative knitting books to be published recently. A superb addition to any knitter’s bookshelf. Light and breezy feel perfect to get you jump started on that Christmas knitting.

(You have started your Christmas knitting….right. LOL)

PS – This marvelous book was lent to my from my local library. This was not a promo copy. In case you are worried about that sort of thing.

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