10 Freebies to Flex Formative Fire

In the spirit of me taking a break for summer, I will be playing with Susannah Conway’s August Break. You will be seeing more of me, but not hearing much. August will become a month-long wordless Wednesday.

I will be out-of-town for part of the month, but the rest of the time will be spent with the dyepots and soap kettles. What would you like to see? Any photo requests?

The incomparable Ann from the In the Interest of Annie presented me with this wondrous Versatile Blogger award. Thank you! I am honored.

Too much about me has been shared on the interwebs. I will share a few sites that have lit me up over the past month. And some free fun to help you stay sane.



  1. Merci for including Zee Declaration of You in this lovely list, mademoiselle! I am most humble, and you are most beautiful.

    • You are too kind mon chéri. I so enjoyed the sample chapter that I am breathless for more. ;-)


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