Top Knitting Blogs, 2014 edition

To me, the knitting year really starts with the weather turns cool. So I wanted to kick off my new knitting year with another installment of top knitting blogs. This year I’m going a bit crazy…I’m not going to stick to blogs only. Top Knitting Blogs... read more

Why You Should Answer the Door in PJs

Late last week Wool and the Gang reached out to me and asked if I would check out one of their new fall knitting kits. After doing an embarrassing happy dance, I gleefully agreed. The plan is to let my daughter do the bulk of the knitting so we can share a newbies... read more

10 Things I’ve Learned Writing 1,100 Posts

I can’t believe it’s been almost ten years since my very first blog post. It was something about a chicken viking hat if memory serves. What started as a fun way to keep distant family up to date has morphed over the years into a place for my family and... read more
Hey there!

Hey there!

I’m Liberty and this is my little knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, soap-making, coding, and creative biz site. So glad you are here!

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